Man Found Not Guilty Of Murder Shot Again

BATON ROUGE – It’s been eight months since a jury found Mark Young not guilty of murder. Since then he’s been shot twice, and his family claims it’s because of that verdict.

The most recent attack was last night on Howard Street near Highland Road in South Baton Rouge. Young was shot in the neck and the back, and he’s in critical, but stable condition.

In April, Young was found not guilty of killing Derrick Casey on Gracie Street back in 2011. Joel Porter and Tiffany Foxworth represented Young.

“At some point this has to stop,” Foxworth said. “In the event that there has been a hit put out on this man’s life, he was brought to trial, he was acquitted by a jury of his peers, and he was found ultimately not guilty. He deserves to be protected under the law to the same degree as any citizen.”

Porter echoed those remarks and explained Young has been a free, law-abiding citizen with a job providing for his family.

Wednesday night, Baton Rouge Police officers responded to Howard Street and found Young face down on the sidewalk in front of his mother’s home. Thursday morning, detectives combed through grassy lots adjacent to Young’s home and up to several blocks away as they looked for evidence.

So far, police have not made any arrests.

Source: WBRZ2ABC

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